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3 Ways To Achieving Your Health Fitness Goals Whilst Commuting

By August 22, 2016 January 18th, 2019 Uncategorized

With the ever rising of people commuting long distances to work, keeping up with your health and fitness goals is getting more and more tricky.

I’m a massive advocate of the importance of keeping to a fitness schedule whilst commuting. I regularly commute up to 4 hours a day, I’ve found having a structure for me and my clients has improved their home lives, work lives and of course boosted their health and fitness levels.

1) Forming new habits and maintaining.

The science of forming a habit is very simple: Cue, Routine and Reward. For example, forming a habit such as going to the gym. The cue, would be having a set time to go. The routine would be doing the exercise and the reward is the hit of endorphins afterwards making you feel great and motivated to continue. My personal opinion is that it takes 28 days to form a habit, so consistency is key.


Prepare your food the night before

This powerful habit will make sure you don’t find yourself in the nearest store purchasing a sandwich and crisps for convenience. This habit, will give you energy to sustain work levels, reduce stress because you know in your mind you’re getting the adequate nutrition to reach your goals.

2) Keep to a flexible exercise plan

I cant underestimate the importance of this, enabling flexibility can work in many ways such as how many days you train, what your workout consists of and how hard you work. Commuting can be very taxing on the body, so being flexible will pay dividends.

For example, if you would normally work out 5x a week for 1 hour there is a lot ways you to be flexible with this and still get the results required. To do this, you will need to track your workouts (weights, running times etc). You could simply cut the workouts in half equalling a total of 2.5 hours and then do an extra session at the weekend. You could workout for 1-2 sessions at only 60% intensity, and make up for it on the weekend.

3) Do extra small bouts of exercise when you can

Always look to little bits of exercise where you can. Take the steps, get of the train one stop early and walk the rest, walk to that meeting, do 10 squats when you go to the toilet, tap your toes when you’re sitting at your desk, go for a walk at lunchtime.

This not only has health benefits (which is for another blog!) but reduces stress because you will get small endorphin rushes, which will help you do better work and be more productive.

What health/fitness activities do you intergrate into your daily commute that helps you achieve your goals?

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