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Brexit Times #1: How to stay at the top?

By July 29, 2016 January 18th, 2019 Uncategorized

Brexit is one of the most talked topic this summer. Pros or cons, needless to say nobody really knows what will be the consequences of this decision.

Instead of worrying or waiting the difficulties coming, just be ready for it! Indeed, there is just one thing you can do: stay on top. Here are some tips you can use to level up your game at work.

I will spare you the “time is money” crap. First, because we can safely say that we will never have the euro currency. Second, because we all know that we cannot control time. And this can be really frustrating. But like going to a battle, you have to prepare for it. So how can we move forward on our goals?

1) Wake up early

Bad news for late sleepers like me, productive people tend to get up early in the morning. Indeed, successful people like Barack Obama or Richard Branson have developed this habit. The reason is simple: we have a high level of energy and a fresh mind during the morning. This is not easy but the best you can do is to create your own morning ritual.

For me, it is a 15-minute stretching session following by 30 minutes of reading. My reward: a nice cup of coffee. Your morning routine can be anything you want as long as you stick to it: doing a sport session, hearing music you love, meditating, taking a cold shower, a nice breakfast, etc.

2) Prioritize

This is the simple one. Plan your goals for the day, the week or the month. Then, class your task according to the deadlines or the time needed to achieve it. That’s it. Keep it simple and schedule it on your calendar. For important missions, divide it on simple tasks. My advice? Avoid to-do-lists apps; they are time waster and stress-maker. Use a notebook instead to write everything you need to remember.

3) One thing at the time

Multitasking is a myth. According to Dr JoAnn Deak, a well-known psychologist and educator, our brain is made in a way that we can only focus on one thing at a time. Every minute is precious so compartmentalize your day. Do not forget to use your travel time by checking your mails and refreshing your memory on the goals for the day. When you arrive at your office, start directly with difficult tasks or projects you have to accomplish. Honestly, who want to work on complicated stuff at 5h00 PM? Also, avoid at all cost distractions: useless meetings, noise, messy desk, the Internet in general… and your smartphone! The last one is your best enemy so turn it off.

4) Healthy habits for happy employees

They say we should treat our body like a temple. Well, they’re surely right. No need to be an Olympic athlete or become a vegetarian for that. Just 2-3 hours per week are largely enough to assure you a good physical and mental condition. You can also do some stretching exercise at work it’s good for your back!

Like sport, nutrition is also fundamental to productivity and wellbeing. I will not make a list of what you should eat or not, this is not the point. But keep some principles in mind: eat a varied and balanced diet and stay hydrated that’s all. And forget about the Burger King’s Double Whopper Sandwich.

Have breaks without the Kit-Kat. I mean do not stay on your chair during hours it is non-sense. Plus, it’s unhealthy. Take a break every 1-2 hours is also indispensable for productivity. Drink water or tea, make some stretching exercises, and discuss with your colleagues, walk, and make jokes anything except staying on your chair. What is the point of working hours on the same project? If you are taking too much time on it, it surely because you are not motivated or too exhausted anymore to focus on it.

5) Get a life!

Many people think that for being productive you have to stay late at work. What a sad idea! We have to accept that we cannot do all the tasks just in one day. Guess what? There will always be more that can be done. So enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend to relax, spend time with your family or friends… without being guilty. The most important thing is to recharge and be happy. Because, at the end, being happy is surely the best ingredient for productivity. Good news: leaving Europe will not make you less happy!

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