FREE Online Training Workshop

The ‘STRONG’ Productivity Enhancement Blueprint

The 5 key productivity enhancement strategies that you must implement in your organisation in the next 12 months

15:00 hrs. March 18th, 2019

How to attract, retain and enhance your employee’s performance. Increasing productivity, enhancement and culture.

Presented by Adam Strong, Ultra-High Productivity Authority, International Speaker and Award Winning Author of ‘Fit body fit business’

What you will learn on this FREE Online Training Workshop

Secret 1

The ‘STRONG’ Productivity Enhancement Blueprint. The 5 step pillar method that my clients use to attract and retain ‘A’ players and enhance performance and thriving culture.

Secret 2

The foundations needed to build a productivity enhancement programme. Gain a deep understanding as to what you need in order to build a successful programme

Secret 3

Exactly what you need to focus on right now to attract and retain ‘A’ players and enhance performance using the same success principals of Olympic winning athletes and wellbeing. Taking the guess work out saving you time and money

This FREE training is for you if

  • You’re a HR director/ Manager with the responsibility of employee engagement, wellbeing and performance
  • Your organisation has high sickness absence, presenteeism, underperforming teams and low retention
  • You need some help in choosing which direction to take and which methodology would be most beneficial with the highest impact and ROI
  • You’re a decision maker or business owner

About Your Host

Adam Strong

Adam Strong is a productivity enhancement specialist and consultant. He is an International speaker, author and a former elite athlete that trained with Olympic and World champion Sir Mo Farah.

For many years Adam has worked with decision makers of small up to multi national companies. Adam’s processes, hacks and strategies give organisations a competitive edge allowing you to become more agile and mentally tough allowing you to attract and retain higher valued employees and enhance performance throughout..