Our Signature Systems

Elite Corporate Fitness is the UK’s leading innovator in the design and implementation of productivity enhancement programmes. We are different from our competitors because we are exclusively focused on getting a higher return on investment for your company! Our aim is to save you money, increase productivity, performance and your bottom line.

In addition, we understand the importance of really understanding our customers’ needs and working closely with you to maximise results and create a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

We have packaged together a programme called ‘STRONG’, that is designed to increase increase your return on invest in your high salaried executives by up to 300%.

Our clients benefit from working with us in clear and tangible ways – from reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism, through to significant, measurable improvements in staff retention, engagement and commitment. Employees realise the benefits of improved wellbeing both personally and professionally, enabling them to enjoy clearer job focus, create better work-life balance, become more confident leading to increased potential and become better leaders as part of the team.

How does the ‘STRONG’ programme help your organisation?

  • Improved drive and confidence
  • Retain talent
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Greater productivity and focus
  • Better staff morale
  • Effective work-life balance
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Increased profitability

Achieving Your Organisation’s Goals

Investing in People will help you to achieve your organisational goals and objectives. As well as making more successful individuals that will lead you to a more successful organisation!

We typically work with organisations or individuals for a minimum of 3 months. We that confident in our approach that we can provide projections on how much money we can help you make or save your company. To schedule your call please make an appointment via our calender on the link below.  Alternativley please call +44 (0) 7738276169 or email the team by  clicking here.