The Elite

What makes us different?

Elite Corporate Fitness is the leading innovator in the design and implementation of corporate wellbeing programmes. We are different from our competitors because we are exclusively focused on a holistic, integrated approach to wellbeing – one that comprehensively targets all aspects of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as the important area of healthy nutrition. In addition, we understand the importance of really understanding our customers’ needs and working closely with them to maximise results and create a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

Our clients can benefit from working with us in clear and tangible ways – by reductions in sickness and absenteeism, through to significant, measurable improvements in employee performance, engagement and productivity. Employees realise the benefits of improved wellbeing both personally and professionally, enabling them to enjoy clearer job focus, create better work-life balance, become more confident and engaged members of the team, and grow their potential in the workplace.

Our USP really is unique! We guarantee a ROI by up to 300% on your senior decision makers (guarantee or its FREE)

Our Vision

Elite Corporate Fitness, is a corporate health and wellbeing consultancy that is defined by its values: Transparency, Respect, Continuous Improvement, Accountability and Results.

We are proud and passionate about delivering results for our clients – this is why we enjoy lasting relationships with them. Indeed, many of our clients say they feel like family members!

Our commitment to you

As a leading innovator in corporate health and wellbeing, our number one priority is to make a real difference to our clients by providing an amazing service, quality advice and effective implementation. We work to address each client’s individual requirements by providing a bespoke service, which puts `the specific needs of your organisation at the centre of everything we do.

The way we work: our Values

  • Transparency: Having a great working relationship underpins everything we do. We aim to understand and explore the challenges your organisation faces, establish clear expectations and ensure an open dialogue to build trust and commitment.
  • Respect: In a healthy and effective working relationship, it is vital that both parties respect each other and recognise the expertise and understanding each party brings to the relationship.
  • Continuous Improvement: Our clients’ opinions and feedback are essential in helping us evolve and ensure each programme meets individual needs. Our aim, shared with our customers, is to constantly strive for excellence.
  • Accountability: Just as an elite athlete is held accountable for their results, Elite Corporate Fitness recognises the importance of our accountability at all times. We ask that you share this commitment, enabling a symbiotic relationship that works for both parties and delivers the desired results.
  • Results: Our promise to each client is that we will deliver and exceed the results that they are aiming to achieve. We are so confident of what we deliver that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee*.