Adam Strong

Founder of Elite Corporate Fitness

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Adam Strong, is the Founder of Elite Corporate Fitness. He is a Ultra-High Personal Productivity Authority, Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Athlete and Author. Adam has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry and has extensive knowledge in maximising employee work performance and employee engagement. He has a degree in Exercise Science and Management of health, a trained elite athlete in distance running and has trained with the likes of Mo Farah.

Adam released his groundbreaking book called ‘Move it or Lose it’ in 2014, the latest edition renamed ‘Fit Body Fit Business’ released in 2017 is now available in over 24 countries worldwide including Amazon, Waterstone’s and Barnes & Noble.

Adam uses the same attributes and champion winning mindset from being an athlete to enhance the lives of his corporate clients. From his experience, people in business world have exactly the same mindset as athletes however use unhealthy behaviour habits to achieve peak performance and professional excellence but this often leads to detrimental effects. His 5-step programme involves Health, Vision, Energy, Life and Lead. His client’s include, successful CEO’s, business owners and business leaders. Adam has also been featured in the Guardian newspaper, HR Grapevine, People Management and BBC Radio.

Alan Keyse

Advanced Life Coaching

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Alan Keyse is fully qualified in professional Life Coaching, Advanced Workplace Coaching & is proud to be a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Alan works with business owners, executives and their staff to create a healthy, stress free and positive work environment, within which people can perform to the very best of their abilities – for their own & their company’s benefit. Sessions can be either on a one to one basis or with groups (typically of 6-15) and Alan also holds workshops for much larger numbers (70+).

Creating a series of bespoke programmes designed to meet a client’s specific challenges, Alan can help affect a company’s psyche, motivation & productivity. In doing so he can call on any combination of Life Coaching, Cognitive Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness and 3 decades of experience of experience as a sales executive.

Caroline Skirrow

Nutritional Therapist

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Hi, I’m Caroline Skirrow, Nutritional Therapist, and I am here to help you understand how your food choices, the way you eat, and your lifestyle impact your health and well-being.

Every day I help people understand the nutrition basics (or complexities if they want), support them to set realistic goals and help them make gradual and sustainable changes for the benefit of their health. It’s about empowering people so they are equipped to make better choices for the rest of their lives. I am passionate about food and have a life-long love of and cooking, so I see it as my mission to help people understand that healthy eating can be quick, easy and most importantly, very, very tasty!

I offer one-to-one consultations at my practice in North London and for the private health group, Nuffield, at their Premier gym in Covent Garden. I advise clients with a wide range of needs from sporting performance and disease risk reduction, through to optimal diet for different life stages or in support of specific health issues. I have a particular interest in gut health and its wide-reaching influence on our health.

I give nutrition talks and deliver a variety of corporate well-being activities such as educational seminars, weight-loss programmes and menu planning. I am a regular contact for the media and have been featured in a number of articles including: The Daily Mail, Men’s Health, Healthy Living Magazine andBoots WebMD.


Tom Cotterill

Elite Trainer

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Tom has a unique approach approach of getting world class results for himself and his clients through a holistic approach.

After running a successful Fitness Coaching business in Australia, combining all aspects of health to get optimal results with people’s fitness goals. After many years developing his mindset and body in and out of the gym, Tom know’s what it’s like to start from the bottom. Under his guidance, many of his clients have recorded results of improved health, spirituality, fitness levels, this is from Tom working 110% to his clients needs and tailoring each individual.

As a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition coach, UK Powerlifter as well as multiple gym certifications Tom is someone who walks his walk at every level.

He’s also been featured on Lynx and ITV.