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Why is Veganism on the rise?

By August 17, 2016 January 18th, 2019 Uncategorized

At least 542,000 people in Britain follow a vegan diet and never consume any animal products.

This is a huge increase in the number of vegans since the last recording 10 years ago which stood at 150,000. The Mintel Meat-Free Foods UK report showed that “Meat free” and “Free from” sales set to reach nearly 1 Billion by 2015

But why is this happening?

According to data gathered by Food Navigator, 36% of US consumers preferred milk and meat alternatives, 26% of Americans said they ate less meat in the last 12 months. 13% of people associated vegan food being cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Companies have cottoned on to the fact veganism on the rise, with companies such as Beyond Meat, Gardein and Tofurky really innovating the food market. They are making vegan products similar to meat products, which is great for people who are new to veganism making the transition as smooth as possible.

Naturally it will be hard at first, as your body has got used to a way of eating. It’ll be hard for anyone who has consumed animal products for the majority of their lives to give it up, even if it is the right choice.

Media Buzz

More and more people are getting exposed to veganism through multiple different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Internet searches, news channels. The media have really cottoned on to how many people are starting to pay attention to being a vegan, with famous people including Arnold Schwarzenegger stating that the world should be eating less meat. This really helps grow the intrigue from people.

Social media accounts are posting such knowledgeable content such as the reasons why you should be a vegan, foods to eat, through channels such as @TheVeganCommunity on Instagram.

One of the biggest fears of starting anything new is the realisation you will have to learn a whole new subject, which can lead to procrastination. But with the amazing content out there just a click away, it’s really helping people make the smooth transition into becoming a vegan.

On a side note, online communities such as ‘The Vegan Network’ are important for people who have made the switch or thinking about it, but face pressure from people criticising their choices.

More knowledge/resources

With more and more exposure in the media, the content increases. There is some truly amazing information on the internet, that really gets down to the nitty and gritty on why being a vegan is the right choice, and exposing the meat/dairy industries for what they really are.

Below is some of my favourite content out there:

RESULTS… They speak for themselves!

Everyone who becomes a vegan has a reason why and they 99% of the time achieve their reason why they went vegan. People have enjoyed, having more energy resulting in a new zest for life, natural healing of diseases and greater protection for the future, more nutritious food and spiritual awareness.

Everyone is unique, everyone has their own reasons for going vegan.


The data is clear.

Being a vegan, is better for the world and YOU.

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